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I love smackers there so great!! I'm hoping to get some for my birthday, my favorite flavor is starburst cherry. It always puts a smile on my face. #lip smacker

smooch 115

Wow..I saw your mention in Real Simple magazine and wandered over here. I didn't know you had such a fun site & you STILL HAVE DR PEPPER FLAVOR !!! I'm 54 yes old & Dr Pepper lip slacker was a staple back in the day!! On my nightstand , in my locker, in my purse. Love this!!

smooch 185

ADDICTED!!!! Typically buy in 10 packs or any flavor I don't have. Love them all!!!! ??

smooch 117

just have fun,keep smiling, and keep wearing lip smacker

smooch 77

I wish I could buy every single one but that would cost SO MUCH!!!!

smooch 95

Nope I don't have a lip smacker problem ;)

smooch 96

I am planning on making lip stick or lip balm. oh and i am having a lip smacker party on Saturday January 13th. please come there is games and ther is going to be a pool and party favors!!!so please come.thank you. Sincerely, your friend Julia.

smooch 58

give this a smooch if you can t not like any kind of lip smacker!!!!can you live without lip smacker???

smooch 106

I really like the flavor ribbon candy alot and alot more flavors.

smooch 8

I started collecting the Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers, and now have 9! Do you think that qualifies for a collection?

smooch 36

I ??the tsum tsum lip smacker!!!

smooch 17

Got two packs of lip smackers for christmas and couldn't be happier.

smooch 18

As a tween I couldn't wait to wear makeup. Finally did and hate the taste. The only thing I put on my lips for the past 20 years. Fav is Cotton Candy, I have two or three at one time because I go through it so fast.

smooch 26

OMG the other day I had a lip smacker in my pocket at school and it fell out and I hadn't realised!!!
Then the most popular boy picked it up and told the teacher "I found girls lip stuff!" the teacher asked who's it was but I was too embarassed to say it was mine but I got it back after class;)

smooch 37

Suddenly, I'm on a lip smacker binge and am ordering like crazy, lol. The scents really take me back to my teen years. Love re-discovering these!

smooch 41

Omg, Christmas is coming up, and I'm asking for LIP SMACKERS!!!??

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