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The Daily Smooch

Welcome to the Daily Smooch, an area where we share the silly, hilarious or awkward moments from our day! Use the lips icon to vote for your favorites.

I love smackers there so great!! I'm hoping to get some for my birthday, my favorite flavor is starburst cherry. It always puts a smile on my face. #lip smacker

smooch 115

Wow..I saw your mention in Real Simple magazine and wandered over here. I didn't know you had such a fun site & you STILL HAVE DR PEPPER FLAVOR !!! I'm 54 yes old & Dr Pepper lip slacker was a staple back in the day!! On my nightstand , in my locker, in my purse. Love this!!

smooch 185

ADDICTED!!!! Typically buy in 10 packs or any flavor I don't have. Love them all!!!! ??

smooch 117

just have fun,keep smiling, and keep wearing lip smacker

smooch 77

I wish I could buy every single one but that would cost SO MUCH!!!!

smooch 95

Nope I don't have a lip smacker problem ;)

smooch 96

I am planning on making lip stick or lip balm. oh and i am having a lip smacker party on Saturday January 13th. please come there is games and ther is going to be a pool and party favors!!!so please come.thank you. Sincerely, your friend Julia.

smooch 58

give this a smooch if you can t not like any kind of lip smacker!!!!can you live without lip smacker???

smooch 106

Smacker Stories

We’ve all got special memories with our favorite loveable lip balms. Share your Smacker Stories here, and you may be surprised how many people will want to say “me too!”

  • "How can you not be obsessed with lips smackers! Best variety of flavors and lip hydration! I have always had people asking to use my lip smackers! And I always have 20+ in my house and 7 on me or my purse!"

    - Lisa, Charlotte, Michigan

  • "I have always love lip smackers!! I always have 20+ in my house 7 in my purse and 1 on me!! I always have, and will continue to be lip smackers obsessed!"

    - Lisa, Charlotte, Michigan

  • "has anyone else done chores for lip smackers i have!"

    - kyah, columbus, Ohio

  • "one time i was taking out all my chapsticks and my cat came over to me and i let her smell each one she had funny faces to the scents"

    - kyah, columbus, Ohio

  • "i hope that when i move to Pensylvania none of my lip smackers get lost on the pane or on the moving truck.or was it moving boat ?i don t know but i spent a lot of money on all of them."

    - Julia, Wainae, Hawaii

  • "my mom is going to pay for half of the lip smacker thing i want."

    - Julia, Wainae, Hawaii